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Celebrating MRSN

MRSN is a Los Angeles based street artist who works predominantly with stencils and spray paint. She discovered her passion for stenciling in her middle school art class, but really started creating in her early twenties.

Growing up in LA, she was exposed to many different forms of art, which inspired her to find her own outlets. She draws from her experience with music, writing, and skateboard culture to cultivate an experience for anyone who views her work.


MRSN sees her work as a bridge between the casual art admirer and the seasoned collector. Artists like Banksy and Shepard Fairey have inspired MRSN to continue to grow her craft and to help convey the message that all art, whether it be the main attraction at The Broad, or a quick painting on your local corner store, can have a life changing impact on anyone who sees it. Art is power, and MRSN hopes to share that power with the world.

our co-founder and lead Artist at eqh, licataBEAN has done a few collabs with MRSN that have just come out so incredible- but watching the two of them f$@k s%$t up, as they like to say, is an art in and of itself! MRSN's amazing stencils caught our eyes at Art Basil and we knew shed be perfect for a collaboration with eqh! and holy crap- licataBEAN painted a few HUGE tarps, shipped them to MRSN- MRSN worked her magic- and tho most elegant lovely gown walked down the NYFW runway!!! SHOW STOPPER- Legit!

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