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the spiritland kreatures, pink, trouble, eastie, and pinchu, have thrived in their home at equalshuman–a socially responsible, gender-fluid clothing line building real-world community through principles of inclusion, education, art, positivity, and a celebration of our environment.

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after a long and arduous journey, they have finally crossed the bridge linking the world of fashion and digital art to the web3 community. kreatures are always building community through education, awareness, and collaboration with the larger artistic ecosystem.

why collect kreatures?

as the legend goes, the spiritland kreatures decided they wanted to share their principles of fluid identity and social responsibility with a greater audience.

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giving back is a core belief of the kreatures so we aim to incentivize participation through IRL events, metaverse experiences and future air drops to token holders. charity is core to the kreatures, so a minimum of ten percent of all proceeds will be donated.

the kreatures want to bring us together, so don’t let their courageous journey end in vain. join the movement now!

curated with entrepreneur and  NBA legend Baron Davis 


  • IRL Redeemables (stickers, hoodies, shirts, bags, etc.)

  • IG Filters (coming soon)

  • VIP Access to Community Events (see roadmap)

  • Priority preference to future air drops 

  • Redeemable fashion items curated with Baron Davis (Baron holders only)


phase 1

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spring 2022
spritland x coachella kreature drop.

summer 2022
NFT-NYC in-person activation

summer 2022
NYC Pride Booth kreature swag pop-up giveaway to holders

fall 2022
fashion week meet-up

more perks coming soon

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