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Al + Jess wanted to create this creative corner to elevate, lift up, + shine a light on all that eqh does within and for their community. As well as shine a light on all these brilliant creatives just out there living life to the absolute fullest doin' their thang each day. with love in their hearts + purpose + intention leading the way. Welcome to the eqh creative corner.

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equalshuman made it thru the craziest most brilliant of lives to get to this point where they can help others share their story, help others give back in ways many didn't know existed + with the common goal of elevating each other each day, supporting + guiding while building a networking hub of fantastic creatives!

with that said- Wed like to introduce you to a few of our #eqhfam creatives!!! each of these creative joined in at NYFW S/S23. and what WE did together was straight FIRE! We LOVE collaborations- we love seeing what eqh can do WITH other creatives- we dont like to compete- we like to elevate.

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